Learn to Program (2nd Edition) by Chris Pine (Ruby)

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Learn to Program (2nd Edition) by Chris Pine (Ruby)

Post by acevic on Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:55 pm
([msg=66906]see Learn to Program (2nd Edition) by Chris Pine (Ruby)[/msg])

I dived into Ruby a couple of days back with the intention of developing rich web apps using RoR. Had a hard time finding something that explained it in a fairly simple manner. Came across this book which was way more than I bargained for. This is an awesome book teaching the basics of programming using ruby in a manner that is understandable for even a 10 year old. He makes this book an interesting read with his occasional trolling and jokes. Quite a page turner and a great learning resource. Sadly, this is the second and apparently last edition of the only book he ever wrote. For those of you who want to try it out, check out the tutorial from which all of this started out. If you like it, buy the book. Would love to have some feedback on this guy.
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