help with ubuntu terminal

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help with ubuntu terminal

Post by killertea on Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:48 pm
([msg=4020]see help with ubuntu terminal[/msg])

i am running ubuntu 8.04 and i know how to use the terminal really will, i know how to use

sudo apt-get install

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo atp-get autoremove

sudo apt-get _______

nmapfe wait it's zenmap

yea zenmap.

i know man ___

i try to use

connect but i get this

connect --- simple relaying command via proxy.
Version 1.96
usage: connect [-dnhst45] [-p local-port][-R resolve] [-w timeout]
[-H proxy-server[:port]] [-S [user@]socks-server[:port]]
[-T proxy-server[:port]]
[-c telnet-proxy-command]
host port
how do i use connect.
i know sudo -s

i know about aircrack-ng

when i try to use aircrack-ng i get this and just in case this might help u guys help me i am using a desktop and it has no wireless thing. but it still happens when i use my dads laptop.

Aircrack-ng 1.0 beta1 - (C) 2006,2007 Thomas d'Otreppe
Original work: Christophe Devine

usage: aircrack-ng [options] <.cap / .ivs file(s)>

Common options:

-a <amode> : force attack mode (1/WEP, 2/WPA-PSK)
-e <essid> : target selection: network identifier
-b <bssid> : target selection: access point's MAC
-q : enable quiet mode (no status output)
-C <macs> : merges all those APs into a virtual one

Static WEP cracking options:

-c : search alpha-numeric characters only
-t : search binary coded decimal chr only
-h : search the numeric key for Fritz!BOX
-d <mask> : debug - specify mask of the key (A1:XX:CF:YY)
-m <maddr> : MAC address to filter usable packets
-n <nbits> : WEP key length : 64/128/152/256/512
-i <index> : WEP key index (1 to 4), default: any
-f <fudge> : bruteforce fudge factor, default: 2
-k <korek> : disable one attack method (1 to 17)
-x or -x0 : disable last keybytes bruteforce
-x1 : enable last keybyte bruteforcing (default)
-x2 : enable last two keybytes bruteforcing
-y : experimental single bruteforce mode
-K : KoreK attacks (pre-PTW)
-s : show ASCII version of the key
-M <num> : maximum number of IVs to use
-D : WEP decloak mode
-P <num> : PTW debug: 1 disable Klein, 2 PTW

WEP and WPA-PSK cracking options:

-w <words> : path to a dictionary file (multiple
dictionnaries can be specified.
See manpage for more information)

--help : Displays this usage screen

how do i use this.___

and come other things like that.

is there any thing i need to know, how do i use them and can any body

any help will do just fine.
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