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other forums? to talk maybe?

Post by frag0 on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:41 pm
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hi, i have a friend called robin, he has been my friend for about 7 years , but since a week ago, he has done things to me that i really dont want to talk about here :(, but anyway since im not that person to just tell someone , about my problem and let them fix it , im gonna take action and do something that hurts him. he has hurt me in many ways, but as i said i dont want to
talk about them here, i just need to do something to him, thats the kind of person i am. so thats my im asking you all,
to maybe give me a call on skype or something like that because i dont have the knowledge to make him suffer, altough you may have, i would like to cooperate with someone to make an attack on his compute thats not to bad but it still makes damage, but the one thing i really want to do is this, he is league of legends addicted, he is really addcited to it and i would like to crack his lol account. this is my request, sorry if im breaking site rules or something but this is for my sake, i want to take my revenge for all the things he did to me,

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Re: other forums? to talk maybe?

Post by limdis on Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:50 pm
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Well thing is man you are breaking the rules by asking such a thing. We aren't going to help you hack/destroy this person because it's illegal. If you want to learn how to do so, hit up some google then come back and ask specific questions but we aren't going to spoon feed you such information.
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