i'll pay $500 for succesfully decrypting this

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i'll pay $500 for succesfully decrypting this

Post by zen_master101 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:41 pm
([msg=63922]see i'll pay $500 for succesfully decrypting this[/msg])

I already know the formula to this one here. I wouldn't post it on a public forum if it was important. I have about 10 similar codes that I need decrypted and I just want someone who's competent enough to do it. I know it's esignal, javascript, and an EFS and all. What i need is the formula.

I just need someone who can do it!!! Decrypt this, send it to me for verification, and then i'll send you $250 as a deposit, and the 10 "codes" that I need decrypted (FYI, i need the formula, not the "codes.")


(Break some laws for me for a fraction of a penny on the dollar)
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