Request Help here ( Ip addres )

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Request Help here ( Ip addres )

Post by Guberawo on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:22 am
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I am new here !!!!!!!!

Hello Guys So i will explain for you what heppend for me !

My Little Brother was Downloaded on at my Pc some Shit keylogger After 3 days ago i will be get hack on at one site So !

I told about this to my friend he will clen 100% my pc and he gave this from systems 32 in hostingname i thing so i dont remember well but anyway so now i have the person Ipaddres Secound im luckly this is Static ip addres ! i heard About Exploit of Metasploit - Telnet - Port open-Telnet-scann Nmap so guys i wana be know its really any way possible to hack the peron back ? i wanna just make my account and password at one sites nothing elser more !
The ip will Start 178.73....... i noticed somones ppls are using about local ip rl Ip + Private and i guess the person have Windows Seven I hope you Guys will help Me ! thanks a lot
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Re: Request Help here ( Ip addres )

Post by Goatboy on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:38 am
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You have posted this three times. We deleted the first because it was a duplicate and warned you. Then we locked the other and moved it to the graveyard. We warned you for this, too. And now you make a third with the exact same wording? I think it's time to use...

The Ban Hammer

As a post-lock aside, I actually listened to that as I banned him. Felt good.
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