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Post by sanddbox on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:40 pm
([msg=35996]see Evolution[/msg])

I'm making this topic because there's a sad amount of people claiming things such as:

* evolution is the theory that rocks magically turned into animals (yes, this has really been said *glares at faazshift*)

* god and evolution are incompatible (no, they're not)

* Our great-great-grandparents were monkeys

* Evolution is the same thing as the big bang theory or tries to explain how the universe was created

* intelligent design and evolution are exact opposites

* evolution is unproven or is just as much of a theory as creationism

* living matter doesn't just form out of rocks (which has little to do with evolution, anyway)

* evolution can't exist because we're not seeing widespread mutation (translation: why don't I have tentacles?)

* it takes more faith to believe in evolution than creationism

* evolution is as proven as gravity (wtf? gravity IS proven)

I would encourage anyone who doesn't understand Evolution to watch this short video.

One more thing: I've also seen people randomly jump into arguments against evolution in big bang threads and vice versa. Understand the difference between evolution and the big bang theory before participating in any argument about them, please.

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