Please ask questions only in this topic.

Re: Please ask questions only in this topic.

Post by firextin87 on Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:30 am
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Hi all...
ok I solved this mission but there is something not so clear for me: the final part of the mission. I don't understand because I need to use "that symbol" to retrieve the admin account. I try to figure out the system, I think that the page m******r.c** uses a SQL query to retrieve the information, and I suppose this query is: SELECT * FROM [tab_name] WHERE username=[id], so if I use the parameter I used the query would be: SELECT * FROM [tab_name] WHERE username=[the_symbol_I_used]. What I can't understand is because this query work with that symbol :(
I hope I explained, and please excuse me for my bad English.
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