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Post by nermd on Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:00 pm
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Well education is not pointless of course if you stop educating yourself you are mentally already dead.
The two question that arise now are
- is the school system capable of educating you and
- what is it that the school system is trying to tell you and why?

I mean ppl, the "school system" does not exist in a vacuum, it is part of the social system we live in and is therefor not neutral (as it is with everything else btw). My personal view on this is that the established school system is nothing more than a facility to shape ppl so they will "work well" in this society and obey the things to come unquestioned - a commonly used euphemism for this is "to make a child a useful member of our society". Well if you like how things go in this word its probably a good thing, if you dont like how things go you will probably see it as something bad.

And regarding the topic of "school hacking": well i fully support circumventing, "hacking", cracking or even smashing any kind of webfilters or any other kind of software that is in place to censorship the information you have access to. But a word of warning: be careful in you actions, it wont do any good if you find yourself in front of a court!
If you are not skilled enough to actually exploit some flaws in the it-system you may wont to try some social engineering. I dont know how the typical school it-department looks today and i could imagine that its quit different from my time :) but we alway made ourself to "trusted" students that are interested in computers. So we helped our admin setting up new computers and stuff like that. Some day we installed a keylogger on one of those "fresh" PCs. As soon as the admin came to set up windows domain connectivity on this computer, so we would have access to the shares where the school software resided on, we basically 0wned him ...

With this world there is no understanding, we belong their only to the extent, as we rebel against it (Theodor W. Adorno) --> if somebody knows a "official" translation for the well known german quote ... pls let me know!
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