American Empire is falling?

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Re: American Empire is falling?

Post by goluhaque on Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:02 am
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tremor77 wrote:And on the point of isolationism, @goluhaque you are correct - It would not be in a long term sense, in the best interest of America. But it would be in the 'worst interest' of the rest of the world. Like a star football player holding out on contract negotiations. If we sat out a few games the rest of the world would be begging for help. I'd just like to do it out of principle and spite... because quite honestly and I feel my sentiment is growing in America.. FTW.

Dunno, but I believe the world economy will falter for some time, but will then get back to its feet. Yeah exactly, if a star football player holds out on contract negotiation, others are available to take his place. He will be missed for sometime, but then, people forget him after that "sometime". That is the effect on the game. And on the player, it is gonna be devastating, both in the short -term, and in the long-term. When he enters the game again, he has to start as a player in a small club, and then move up(which he will,thanks to his talent). But, this is not the case with U.S.A. and the world economy, as other countries will not let it dominate over them again.
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