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Post by Wootz on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:41 am
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schrockblock wrote:
Paradox4000 wrote:Too hard to think up anything useful to say? Well, I need questions answered!

What questions could I ask a terrorist during interrogation to get answers? And should I bring them milk and cookies, and bow at their feet before trying to get talk to them? I don't want to be mean to these people, because all they have done is behead innocent Americans , not a big deal, right?

First, America just doesn't torture. In World War II, the Nazis trekked miles on foot in order to surrender to the Americans, because they knew they would be treated humanely. It's not a matter of being nice to terrorists, it's a matter of upholding the values America stands for. This is a great nation, and if we start torturing terrorists, we are no better than they are. If you think that we should resort to an eye for an eye, you have more in common with the terrorists than you think: look up 'Sharia Law'.

Second: “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security.” You know who said that? Benjamin Franklin. One of the founders. So if you wanna tell me that we should give up the values America is based on because you're SCARED of some bearded guy who lives in a cave, realize that you're saying that the founders were wrong as well.

Third, even if you're willing to still say we should torture terrorists because it'll keep us safe from "evil-doers," countless studies have been done showing that torture isn't effective anyway. Here's an example:

Fourth, and the last of your major logical fallacies, is in assuming that the people we torture are the same ones who killed Americans, or assisted in doing so. There are several cases pending for unlawful imprisonment of US citizens who were COMPLETELY INNOCENT, and eventually released. Just because the Bush administration tortured them, doesn't mean they were guilty.

There. Your questions are answered.

Your post depresses me because it basically reflects the current sentiment of this country towards security and international policy. It's sad to think hardly anybody realises what kind of a mess we're in in terms of being the better man in international affairs and even governing ourselves because they're too busy worrying about the economy and the fact that we have a black guy as president.
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