Missing Hardware Drivers

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Missing Hardware Drivers

Post by Pagerops on Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:42 pm
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O.k. here is the deal I loaned out one of my laptops to a friend and he got the vary bright idea to install Vista onto it, when i tried to downgrade to windows XP again i discovered that all of my drivers (along with a long list of new vulgar word i didn't know i had in me) for my video cards, Ethernet, etc... were missing. I've tried to reinstall them manually using the Device Manager but they are not there either, though the laptop is not of much use of lately i do want it to at least be able to connect to WiFi and the internet in general, Dose anyone have any idea's? I don't have my original XP disk as i won the laptop from a friend it was lightly used and that was the only stitch. it is a Compaq, Presario, V5000

if anyone has a idea... And i am open to anything short of beating it with a hammer, I am all ears.
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