RFID Tracking System

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Re: RFID Tracking System

Post by insomaniacal on Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:04 pm
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Goatboy wrote: Pick up a book by Forrest M. Mims on basic electronics.

Seconded. I actually have a workbook by him lying in my drawer. Easy to understand, and the projects inside are easily adaptable for exploration. The problem with RFID is range. It has a very small one, so you'd need something else to sense it's presence and then inform you of it via another means. The tag itself won't actually be able to transmit it's location in GPS coordinates to a remote server, if that's the kind of thing you were thinking of doing. That'd be very cool, but unrealistic.

You could build a really minimalistic computer that runs Linux and transmits the information every time it can get access to a wifi hotspot. I've seen really small boards sold and advertised as capable of running Linux, though the technical skill required to get it all working (not to mention adding WiFi capability) would be quite high.
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Re: RFID Tracking System

Post by neuromanta on Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:43 am
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I don't think it would be nessessary to assemble a whole mini-computer with OS running on it. It's suffice to build a small device with an MCU and an antenna. You could do the reading of the tags with your computer (connecting some antennas to it). It sounds like a cool project, by the way ;).
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