netbook? hmm

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netbook? hmm

Post by sperminoid on Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:41 am
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i've come across some dirt cheap (200 squid) netbooks, i know they don't have the power capacity of full size laptops and lack a few things but the sheer teeny factor and portability grabbed my attention from the off, im pretty new to this site but enjoying the challenges and was thinking about getting one and putting linux on it seeing as everyone raves about it, if nothing else i think it'd be fun to mess around with a new OS - to the point, i was hoping some of you people could tell me if it would be viable to use a netbook for my hackthissite/visual basic.NET/python an a few others bits an pieces i mess around with?! i can't seem to find a straight answer no matter how long im trawling the net aha :/ any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: VB is a side project im helping friends with and python's something i'd like to try out sometime soon, basic programs though i reckon. im not worried about disk space as i'll be using a portable HD.
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Re: netbook? hmm

Post by AtlasDark on Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:49 am
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In my opinion, netbooks are horrible abominations - cheaper, more portable, but an efficiency bomb. A laptop already is portable - anything less still requires a bag, still takes up space, and the performance drop isn't worth it (Atom? Tolerable. 75% scaling of a QWERTY keyboard? That's more than distasteful).

Unless you're scripting UI's, netbooks are too incompetent to handle any task, menial as it may be, aside from browsing (for a while) or checking your email occasionally. Otherwise, it's good to mess around on a new OS with one, but don't expect to try out any graphical features, and prepare for desktop space management woes.
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