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new to it

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:42 pm
by capo_di_caglliachi
Hey guys, I'm new to this whole scene and was interested in learning how to do this. I had a few questions because of it.

I wanted to know if the laptop I'm currently using is fine for starting out and for doing this sort of thing, or if I need to go get a different one. I'm using the HP Pavilion g6-2279wm laptop which has a AMD Dual-Core A4-4300M Accelerated Processor @2.5GHz capable pf up to 3.0 GHz w/ 1MB L2 cache, 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM (1DIMM) of memory, 2 user accessible memory slots, I don't think graphics card matters for this, but in case it does, it had an AMD Radeon HD 7420G with up to 2029mb of graphics memory, and a 500GB 5400RPM HDD. I don't know if all of that was necessary, but I figured better safe than sorry and went ahead and listed all of it.

Also, wanted to know how long it typically takes someone to learn how to do the basics and are able to move on to more advanced techniques. My overall purpose is to try and get into computer and network security, by way of either learning what ways can be used to attack networks so that I can prevent it, or so that I can help others by showing the flaws in their security.

I understand this is a little bit wordy, but I appreciate everyone for reading even a bit of it, especially those who read it all. If you could give me some feedback, it would be much appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day

Re: new to it

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:19 am
by Zaytrox
So far I've found that unless you're doing some specialist thing that's quite intensive, your hardware shouldn't make a massive difference - but I'm no expert on that.

Also in terms of time to learn basics, it takes different people different amounts of time, you can't really go "Oh you can learn this in a week, and by 3 weeks know this." I think its kind of best to just go at the pace at which you understand. If you're looking for somewhere to start, check out the Basic missions we have here.

Other than that, my advice is always to find a project that interests you, and just go with it - looking up ways of doing things as you want to use them.

Re: new to it

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:22 pm
by cyberdrain
Hash cracking or similar needs a good or multiple good graphics card(s), dictionary cracking needs space for the dictionaries (sometimes tens of GBs) and Wireless cracking needs a packet-injection capable card under Linux (sometimes built-in will work just as well). To run Kali Linux live you need a USB flash drive of at least 4 GB and about 1-2 GB of RAM. So taking that all together, I think your laptop is either overqualified for most tasks or well enough equipped for the rest. Have fun learning! :D

Re: new to it

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:16 pm
by limdis
Cyberdrain +1, that's a pretty damn good (and short) version of it.

OP don't worry about hardware right now unless you specifically need something. Just starting out though you'll be fine. If you don't know anything about linux seriously seriously, start there. You get out what you put into this. Some learn really fast and some don't. Some go through a lot of material really quickly but only barely understand. Some just know a handful of things REALLY well. It just depends on the person.