What Would Be A Good MotherBoard ?

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Re: What Would Be A Good MotherBoard ?

Post by romulous on Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:10 am
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I like TYAN. Expensive but good. The board I want for my home system is out of my price range, but:
TYAN S4881G2NR Quad 940 NVIDIA nForce Professional 2200 + AMD 8131 SSI MEB v3.5 footprint Server Motherboard - Retail
4 opteron quad core processors @2ghz ea, 64gb ram, 3 or 4 1tb hdds, and a DVD burner, and you are good to go. Well and a video card, got to have video in this. The only problem is the $1600+ for the mother board alone. They also make a comparable board for the Phenom processor, but opteron is more stable.
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