Ubuntu experimenting Low Performance on Intel i5/ATI Radeon

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Ubuntu experimenting Low Performance on Intel i5/ATI Radeon

Post by gBarreras93 on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:32 pm
([msg=78321]see Ubuntu experimenting Low Performance on Intel i5/ATI Radeon[/msg])

Recently I have tried some Linux distributions on my computer. I have mainlyused Windows and I was getting bored of running Linux distros on virtual machines like VirtualBox. My computer is a Sony VAIO, Intel i5 (2x 2.67 GHz), ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphic card and 6 GB DDR3. So I first, I installed Ubuntu 12.04. The problem was, for the moment SO started, the computer started to overheat. What I can remember is, working during 1 hour doing common tasks, then the computer was so warm, it had to poweroff itself. It happened to times. I though it was the GPU driver of the graphic card described above. I tested two or three different graphic card drivers, and last fglrx open source driver among them. The problem wasn't solved. Then I installed BackTrack 5 R3, which is based on Ubuntu 10.04. I found a driver for ATI cards on Backtrack web page which worked fine in my computer. So I wondered, if I found an Ubuntu 10.04 compatible driver, which is the latest ubuntu OS I can run in my computer. So I asked this cuestion in ubuntu forum (this thread). A guy told me my ATI card was working just fine with even Ubuntu 13.10 OS. I installed it, installed last open source driver, suggested by some GUI integrated software. It was the only driver I installed on the system. It worked fine, not overheating without reason. Now I'm going to quote what happened two days ago (Which I published in that Ubuntu forum thread):

A few hours ago I used aircrack-ng to decrypt a .cap file (Don't yell at me, I was only doing my homework ). The interesting thing is I used dictionary cracking, with the "/etc/dictionaries-common/words", which is a plain text file with 99K words in it. I executed the aircrack-ng command in this ubuntu 13.10 machine and my computer turned off in less than one minute. I did it twice for being sure, the second time I had let the computer rest a while before turn it on again. I also tried that from my BackTrack R5 (Ubuntu 10.04) in command line mode, The computer was overheating quickly as well, but since it hadn't have to support the graphic system, it could finnish the task in slightly more than 1 minute. Can you believe it? As far as I know, command line does not overload the graphic card. Not even aircrack-ng running in the console in Ubuntu graphic card uses grapic card. Therefore, aircrack-ng execution has overloaded CPU up to activate the security turn off. How can a 99K words file can beat a Intel i5 2 x 2.67 GHz Processor? I'm too confused about all this Ubuntu drivers staff. So I let you check my Hard Info report. (by the way, at the top of the file it says the computer has 4 cores instead of 2, which makes me even more confused) I couldn't upload the file here because it exceeded the maximum size for a txt file, so here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcx2acggr7mig ... report.txt PD: My computer exceeded hight temperature levels (not critical, though) while doing the report's benchmark tests. PD: If there is any risks for sharing this information file, please tell me. Thank for your help.

What do you think? I should add I usually use Windows 7, with too many tasks(believe me, two many of them), extended screen, video games. Of course my computer overheates, but it have never been so overheated to have to poweroff itself. There is no aircrack-ng distribution for Windows7 to compare, but I have used brute-force john the ripper decryption or...whatever. The main thing is Ubuntu 13.10 is not running fine in my computer, and what that aircrack-ng experiment shows us, is the graphic card is not the only problem. I would appreciate someone gives me a solution, or at least, explain me why is this happening. Regards.
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