HTML5 and Google's "MAC to Street Address" Database

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HTML5 and Google's "MAC to Street Address" Database

Post by griallia on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:50 pm
([msg=64515]see HTML5 and Google's "MAC to Street Address" Database[/msg])

How's the HTML5 going? Any opinions?

3 of the biggest things for me.

Drag and Drop Capability
I had no idea that even existed. I assumed you could drag and drop text and images around to help make downloading and searching strings easier. Turns out it's actually an HTML5 filler for whenever the WC3 can finally make up their minds and developers start incorporating it into their websites somehow.

Web Storage
It's a redo on how cookies work. Instead of having to send the cookies to the server and other pointless junk, you can save values directly on your computer. Now you have 2 separate storage systems.

Local Storage allows you to save information that will remain when you log off. I assume there are domain restrictions.
Session Storage allows you to save information that will remain while that specific tab/browser remains open.

Google's Geo Locate Database
There's a super accurate Geo Locate database operated by Google. When Google sends vans to take pictures of every street inside this country, it also keeps track of every wifi router it they encounter and record the MAC address. Using this database full of MAC addresses, they can then convert a MAC address into a GPS coordinate, street address, and even give you the accuracy of the estimate down to about 60 meters.

Not sure how this exactly works for mobile phones. Eitherway, don't forget to turn off that broadcast ASAP. It might be too late. Try out using that URL and either Google Chrome or the most up to date version of Firefox.
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