I need to Hack my Own website...

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Re: I need to Hack my Own website...

Post by rhinorulz on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:07 pm
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Assassian360 wrote:Struggling to handle only 20 visitors or less to a site suggests the host you were using wasn't very good.

Back in thosedays MS small buisness was crap, maybe thatis why thaymake you use your own server now. It was also why I switched to webs. Have plenty of bandwidth
What game are you exactly wanting to run on a server?

Good ole MC
How many people are you expecting to be playing this game?

currently no more than 20, in toe future 250+
Is this a game server that you want to have up 24/7 or just when particular friends can play?

2 servers online all the time, one real server and one cracked server. or both on 25/8/367
Any other details you think might be important?

never had any experance with servers outside of Win Serv 2000, when I was in HS, I helped set up that server. besides getting the guts of that server running,no experiance, but I am willing to learn.
Normally running a game server is a more dedicated task, so it is handled by companies that largely handle game server hosting or related activites. You could try searching around on the web; however, I suspect that you're unlikely to find for $7 or less a year. Unless you host it yourself from somewhere off a machine of your own. For example, my friends and I run a variety of game servers for Halo, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and a few other games that run pretty much 24/7 from a variety of locations that we as a group of ~20 people go on for our own private use. Some we run out of people's homes and some we leave running at offices of businesses that are owned by some of our group.

the cheapest Dedicated server I have found is $35 a month.
I have tried hosting some things on friends computers, but their computers aren't much better than mine.
I am currently running my MC servers off of one of my PCs, but it has 3gb ram and recomendedram is a lot more, so they get laggy with 3 people in them.
I can't do anything really untill I eather A get more ram, or B yank a power supply out of one of myold PCs and place it in a better one. the screws holding that power supply in though are really tight and locked in.
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Re: I need to Hack my Own website...

Post by Assassian360 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:40 pm
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I just googled "free minecraft server hosting" and the first result was:
That one is $5 a month. I didn't look at the further results, but you could and see if there are other cheaper ones.
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