Managing emails for the paranoid bastard

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Managing emails for the paranoid bastard

Post by ampakine on Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:46 pm
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Despite the fact I have little or no real actual need to be stealthy, I'm a paranoid bastard so I like to make myself as unidentifiable, untraceable and immune to data mining techniques as humanly possible so I have a handful of different email addresses and usernames (for miscellaneous sites) that I use for different things so to a data miner I would appear to be handful of different people. The main problem with this is it becomes a pain in the ass logging in and out of different email addresses all the time. Thunderbird saves me all that hassle by letting me receive emails from all these addresses in 1 place but if it is the same IP logging into all these addresses at once it kind of defeats the purpose of having different addresses in the 1st place because the email service providers will see its the same IP. Can you configure thunderbird to use a separate proxy for each email address?
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