Circumventing a daily download limit

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Circumventing a daily download limit

Post by mirax33 on Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:43 am
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the enquiry I am about to submit is not related to security per se but I find it to be related closely enough to hope to be provided with either aid or some suggestions.

There is a website of ( to host a script that returns names of archives stored on a different server (, - there certainly are more websites that return the filenames and there should be some more to host the files themselves. (I do not think it is possible to find the filenames by extrapolation)

I should wish to do be capable of downloading as many of the objects a day as I should wish to. I wanted to use proxy-servers, but there are more than 15000 files to be downloaded and I have heretofore in vain attempted to automate the process of retrieving the filenames.

I do not seek to waste anyone's time and I hope this is not too unseemly a question. I merely seek advice.

Should anyone find oneself capable of bypassing the limit, I should be very grateful - knowing that my gratitude is not much of a reward. If nothing else, it might be an interesting challenge - or might not be a challenge at all. Be that as it may, do please inform me if you happen to know what it is that one should do in order to achieve the result.

If nothing else : thank you for your time.
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