firefox is slow?

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firefox is slow?

Post by pretentious on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:55 am
([msg=79806]see firefox is slow?[/msg])

I just downloaded opera like yesterday to see if it had changed much. It looks pretty good and all that and i'm experimenting with their 'turbo' feature coz my net connection is so bad. What impressed me was its speed. It seems to render pages much faster than firefox. Is it just me?
Try opening the following in your browser
Code: Select all
var numberOfButtons = 0;
function recursiveCreation(id){
var iterator = id;
while(iterator > 0){
iterator --;
function a(){
var btn=document.createElement("BUTTON");
function hundred(){
var x = 0
while(x < 100){
<input type="button" id="master" onclick="hundred()" value="click">
<br />

opera has no trouble with a thousand elements but when I try with firefox it struggles. what gives? I'm downloading chrome now for comparrison so I don't have anything to conclude yet but this supprises me. I don't even have that many plugins running, which I disabled and it still sucks
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