What path would I learn for a Multiplayer Game?

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What path would I learn for a Multiplayer Game?

Post by nomnum on Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:48 pm
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Hey guys: as I say to all my topics: feel free to move this. For a site on hacking I would think there would be a "Hacking Questions" catagorey :roll:

Anyways, if I wanted hypothetically to hack a multiplayer game, a good example being transformice (google it and give it a play, no download required) what Type of hacking skill should I learn? I am guessing here, please dont let me throw you off topic, would it be SSI? I only think so because since its Server Side, I would think thats ideal for multiplayer. As many youtube vids I have watched, I don't think Cheat Engine has the potential because the changed values dont "stick", most likely because the games data is stored in the server, not the game itself.
Once again, just guessing here and I'd rather you tell me the correct type of hack then explain why my idea wouldnt work :D

In conclusion because I have a paining habit of making things incredibly long-winded: For a Multiplayer game such as Transformice (really... play it... its simple but addictive) what would I learn in order to hack in-game variables (not accounts or information, more like cheat codes ;) )
Any Questions please ask because my lack of knowledge probably results in this being very confusing.
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