Obfuscate the exe in a download

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Obfuscate the exe in a download

Post by borgy95 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:49 am
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hi everyone its been ages since i was last around but i've come a logn way. anyhow my latest project has me slightly trumped and hopefully someone here can help.

first off this is legit and is for educational pruposes.
I need to obfuscate the exe when downloading a null payload piece of malware.

What this means is i do not want IE to throw up the "warning you are downloading an exe" i just want the run/save option as normal. even better would be to have IE autorun it.

On this i am happy to ditch IE in favour of another browser. I am happy to hack the comps registry. I am happy to compromise the machines overall security. I am happy to pottentially render the machine useless if i make a mistake. It just has to do this one job.

i cannot edit the demonstration malware.
I do not own the webserver. i can set my own up if necessary but would rather not.
My deadline is 11am GMT wednesday when i will give the demonstration. Meaning simple solutions reign supreme.
This does not need to be graceful or technologically beautiful. It just has to illustrate the point. if you hit a link a but can hit your computer before you know it.

thanks in advance
P.s. for those of you interested - http://www.symantec.com/en/uk/theme.jsp ... -challenge - only a few are listed there are loads around europe. let me know if you wanna know more. some of the prizes are pretty good.

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given the views & silence... is this complete crazy talk?
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