SSCP and CISSP ISC(2) certification training

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SSCP and CISSP ISC(2) certification training

Post by hellow533 on Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:31 am
([msg=70161]see SSCP and CISSP ISC(2) certification training[/msg])

It seems my dad's army skillport, which I gained the knowledge for my A+ and Net+ certifications, offers CISSP and SSCP 2012. I've been taking these two even though I need two and five years of working with systems and security respectfully just to claim the certifications. The SSCP is more than harder than I thought, and gets deep within security, more than I previously knew for sure. The CISSP is also a large step in to security, but seems more rounded and not as focused when it comes to actual security compared to the SSCP. I haven't finished either course, but I do plan on it. I hope to have them both finished within the next few months. They are very interesting to say the least, and I can tell you know this will be taking up most of my free time. Very cool stuff. I will answer any questions you might have about either course.
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