Couldn't You Steal Ad Money?

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Couldn't You Steal Ad Money?

Post by Kwing on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:09 pm
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A thought just came to me about people who sell ad space and advertisers who buy it; on certain sites, such as those with portals like Newgrounds and Mochi Ads, content providers gain money from ad impressions (clicks and views) on their submission. But wouldn't it be possible to decompile an ad and see what happens when you click on it? Couldn't you create your own Flash application that would send the same data or request back to the advertiser? And couldn't you use that to rack up fat stacks of cash?

Most of these ads are Flash, and Flash has a way of telling which website the ad is currently hosted on. Is this what the advertisers use to protect themselves from being ripped off?
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