Building PC for home security

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Building PC for home security

Post by bboylxix on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:08 pm
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i have been thinking of building a PC for some time now, but am having a little trouble finding resources for what i want this PC to be built for. I am wanting to build my PC centered around a networked home security system (cameras, alarms, motion sensors, etc.). i would like to be able to record video to DVR built in to the PC and also be able to basically monitor my house either when at home, or away (via Internet?). but i would also like the benefit of a regular PC like gaming and video editing (a must).

i know there are basic surveillance programs or systems available, however DVR and camera system tend to be quite expensive and are a stand alone system. i am thinking maybe i can save on cost by having a huge hard drive to store camera feeds and integrating everything instead of a stand alone DVR.

does anyone have any experience or have their own home security managed by their PC? what do you think the requirements for a build like this would be as far as internals? processor/video card/Memory? would hardcore gaming and video editing functionality be too demanding?

searching google and youtube at the moment.. ;)
thank you!
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