A Good Combo For Programming?

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A Good Combo For Programming?

Post by Chokichi on Sun Sep 21, 2008 5:23 pm
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Hi, you probably don't know me since this would be my second post but I am currently working through many programming courses at my school and have been pondering which Programming Courses to take in Grade 11.

This is the Programming knowledge I currently have:
-Moderate Understanding of HTML and XHTML (Learned when I was young for making websites and thinking of restarting the learning process to make sure I fully understand it)
-Basic Understanding of JavaScript (In the process of learning)
-Very Basic Understanding of C# (I literally started it 5 days ago)

If I wanted to program an encryption program (using my amazing [pathetically saddening] math skills) and an art program like a Gimp. Which type of programming courses would you suggest I take?

Sorry if I didn't give enough detail or didn't post this in the right section, I am hoping for some sort of reply.

-Chok :ugeek:
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Re: A Good Combo For Programming?

Post by thedotmaster on Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:53 am
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Which courses are available?
In relation to the two projects you listed, an art program like Gimp would be very hard. You'd need to be very good at maths (much more so than the encryption which wouldn't require much at all) - perhaps degree level but definitely A Level (English qualification, not sure the American equivalent).

The encryption is not hard at all in reality - but make sure you include a passkey that affects the output. This makes it more secure.
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