[Fun Discussion Topic] Building a web app!

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[Fun Discussion Topic] Building a web app!

Post by tremor77 on Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:12 am
([msg=77553]see [Fun Discussion Topic] Building a web app![/msg])

So, you've been tasked (by whomever for whatever reason) to build a web app. This web app shall do something web appy-like and be the greatest thing since sliced bread, because (whomever) is paying you (some outrageous figure) to build this web app in (some ridiculously short time period).

Your requirements:
  • Browser compatibility including Internet Explorer 8 (ugh).
  • Client-Server communication (preferably with efficiency and security) that can handle signals and data requests.
  • Some sort of animation, graphics handling like SVG support or other with user interaction and events.
  • A backend database for storing and delivering information to and from the app.
  • Extensible in the future (meaning, the technology should last and be update-able).
  • License: We plan to sell this thing for a lot of money, but make it cheap, so the stuff we use should be free-ish and legally so!
  • It needs to look good too.

That's the framework (no pun intended) for this topic discussion. Now before you can win your contract you must present a short briefing of the technologies that you intend to use to achieve the goals above, AND WHY you chose that technology.

Briefing Reqs: The three(ish) tiers of a web app (presentation, application and storage).
  • Storage (eq: MySQL) - And why.
  • Application (eg: Django, CodeIgniter, Silverlight) - And why.
  • Presentation (eq: jQueryUI, Homebrew) - and why.
  • Additional Tech Required (eg: raphael, mako, flash) - and of course, why.

Let the discussion begin, I will play the part of the project manager who already thinks who knows what he wants to use because he's a c++ fanboy. Your job is to convince me that i'm an idiot (unless of course somehow you come up with the solution I'm thinking of).
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