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help a Poltergeist

Post by poltergeistfuckhead on Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:52 am
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So, I will be attending college for computer science in september, and Yeah I know some object oriented programming but I am not familiar with C++, I mainly use python.

I will be taking courses in C++, database systems and some other neat stuff, so; I was hoping some kind souls who know these topics well would bookmark this thread and offer some help with my projects if I need it.

I like to learn, so I'll post the tasks when I get them and ask for help if I get stuck.

why am I doing this? I want to be a game developer and they require a Bachelor's degree for me to be hired.. that and my girlfriend's family demands it. I can and do already make games I've got the skill, that and I do animations and graphic design, but no pay for any of it lol...

I plan to eventually have my own game company (however small it may be lol)

anyways I would really appreciate it if someone here would consider tutoring me on the topics at hand when necessary. and thanks.
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Re: help a Poltergeist

Post by ghost107 on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:01 am
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If you want to be tutoring no one will going to tutor you, but if you need some help with your problem we will be gladly to help, or point you to some good documentation.

it is better for you to finish the tasks you have not put other people to finish it for them because you will not learn, but you have a problem on how to do something you can post your problem and we will help for you to understand, we will not fix the problem for you just we will give you hints.

if you want to be a game programmer, its a little harder because you will need little more knowledge then object orientation. if you are going in the game development, you would need to kn ow a lot of Math, data Structures, object Orientated, algorithms, Design patterns, Lots of templates, Socket programming(Suggest using IO Strategy instead of Multi-threading one), and knowledge in a rendering engine.

If you want to develop games in the C++, The first thing you need to make is your game design project document:
Example template(you don't need to add all of it ):
Code: Select all
1)Name of Game   
  - This is the name of your game
2)Design History   
   - A brief explanation of the history of your game
   2.1)Version 1.00   
      - Info about 1.0
   2.2)Version 2.00   
      - Info about 2.0
   2.x)Version     x.00
       - Info about x.0
3)Game Overview   
   3.1) Philosophy
        -  A philosophical overview if the game
      3.1.1) Philosophical point #1
          - this game is trying to do that and that   
      3.1.2)Philosophical point #2   
          - our game only runs on windows, the reason is such and such
      3.1.x) Philosophical point #x   
          -   goals
   3.2)Common Questions   
      3.2.1)What is the game?   
      3.2.2)Why create this game?   
      3.2.3)Where does the game take place?   
      3.2.4)What do I control?   
      3.2.5)How many characters do I control?   
      3.2.6)What is the main focus?   
      3.2.7)What’s different?   
4)Feature Set   
   4.1)General Features   
      - huge world
      - Mutant fiddle players
      - 3D graphics
      - etc
   4.2Multiplayer Features   
      - use X amount of players
      - easy to find friends in the world
      - players can chat
      - etc
     - the game has editor for the developers
     - the game has editor for the players
     - etc
     - this is the gameplay info how the game it work, usually this is as you find the same as the gameplay tutorial in many games(if you don't have nothing here the game is worth nothing)
5)The Game World   
      - provide information of the world
   5.2)World Feature #1   
      -This  part is titled with some major things about the world, here is how you break down the components of the world in tiny pieces and describe them
   5.3)World Feature #2   
      - Some extra feature of the world
   5.4)The Physical World   
         - Describe an overview about the physical world, and describe some components
      5.4.2)Key Locations   
         - describe how the player travels thru the world
         - Describe the scale that represents the world
         - Describe the different objects that are found in the world
         - Describe what sort of weather is found in the world
      5.4.7)Day and Night   
         - does your game  have any of this features
         - Describe your time that you have in your game(for example you can use the real time system but the players will not enjoy the full system, So I suggest making 1 day per hour , half a day per hour , etc)
   5.5)Rendering System   
         - A simple detail on how your game will be rendered, 
      5.5.2)2D/3D Rendering   
        - Describe what form or 2D/3D rendering engine your using(OpenGL, DirectX, Software Render, Ogre#D, Java3D, etc)
         - Describe how your camera will look
      5.6.2)Camera Detail #1   
         - camera will move like this and that
      5.6.3)Camera Detail #2   
         - camera will move like this in certain circumstances
   5.7)Game Engine   
        - Describe your Game Engine
      5.7.2)Game Engine Detail #1   
         - game engine will keep track of everything in the world
         - there  will be water in the world.
       5.7.4)Collision Detection   
         - the game engine handles the collision  detections, doing it by ..
   5.8)Lighting Models   
         - Describe your lighting model, you are going to use
      5.8.2)Lighting Model Detail #1
        - we are going to use raytracing technique to light the world(I don't suggest using raytracing because there is no computer to run Raytracing in real time, suggest using phong instead)
      5.8.3)Lighting Model Detail #2   
        - same as previous what you want to light and what you dont whant to light
6)The World Layout   
     - Describe the overview of the world layout here
   6.2)World Layout Detail #1   
     - A dungeon with  rusted bars, a toilet at the corner
   6.3)World Layout Detail #2   
     - A island in the middle of the ocean, with a prison on it.
7)Game Characters   
     - describe how your characters are
   7.2)Creating a Character   
     - how you create or personalize your character
   7.3)Enemies and Monsters   
    - describe your monsters and enemies your player have to defeat, this depends on your game ideas
8)User Interface   
     -  describe on how your user interface will be , and break down the components in small  components
  8.2)User Interface Detail #1   
     - character  inventory,  is a square that contains 4 other small squares, in each square, it is located a item, when the item exists a small number exists at the corner of the item square, that represents the item count
  8.3)User Interface Detail #2   
    - the main window has shown a compass in the corner to not let the player get lost,
      -Describe the weapons that are used in the game
  9.2)Weapons Details #1   
     -  A bazooka
  9.3)Weapons Details #2   
     - A spell
10)Musical Scores and Sound Effects   
       - Describe what type of audio you want ti use
  10.2)3D Sound   
       - the type of sound Api you are going to use
   10.3)Sound Design   
       - this is about your sound design where you are to use your sound

11)Single-Player Game
     -  A description of the single player features you are going to use, this is broken down into components
   11.2)Single Player Game Detail #1
   11.3)Single Player Game Detail #2
     - the single payer storyline 
   11.5)Hours of Gameplay   
     -  How long a single player game is -
   11.6)Victory Conditions
     - how does the player win the single player game
12)Multiplayer Game
      - how the multiplayer game will work
   12.2)Max Players
      - how many players are allowed at once
      - type of server Client server, peer-to-peer
      - how customizable is for players(deathmatch, cooperative, etc)
       - how your game will work on the internet 
       - if your world is persistent or not
    12.7)Saving and Loading   
        -  how you can save and load data from a multiplayer game
13)Character Rendering   
     - how your caracter will be rendered, and broke it down in small components
  13.2)Character Rendering Detail #1   
  13.3)Character Rendering Detail #2   
14)World Editing   
    - how the world is edited
   14.2)World Editing Detail #1   
   14.3)World Editing Detail #2   
15)Extra Miscellaneous Stuff   
     - here comes suggestions and crazy ideas.

“Objects Appendix”   
“User Interface Appendix”   
“Networking Appendix”   
“Character Rendering and Animation Appendix”   
“Story Appendix”   

Then create a UML design and architectures for the game.

That's how companies do it, it has a game design file of at least 30-100 pages or more that will describe in detail how the game will work and how features are implemented(the design is updated with every version, for more features).

After the Design exists, the project manager will break down the design into Epics, that they will create story cards for them and assign the story cards to the developers.

The developers will accept the story cards and start the project implementing the info into the game. While a developing cycle is set(or sprints), there are set some epics in a sprint with some story cards, and the developers will implement the story cards. And then the next Sprint will add new epics with story cards. and so on.

I didn't go in to many details about about coding just how the developing cycle is in a company(they use a wiki and a Ticket tracking system, like Jira+Confluence, redmine, Trac, Mantis, MediaWiki,etc).

Poltergeist wrote:that and my girlfriend's family demands it.

A future is not on demands, you should do what is good for you, because no one knows what will happen(collage will be hard so I suggest start studying, expecially Math, if you want to be a game developper).
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