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Post by WallShadow on Fri May 04, 2012 3:53 pm
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A couple of things I have to mention:

1. Do not put what you want to say into people's quotes, it looks stupid, and some people may just skip right over it because they think that it is an old post that they already read.
2. Unfortunately, I have never been able to embed a stolen .swf file into a html page successfully, probably because sites such as AddictingGames put in special code to prevent it from being embedded into other web pages (something that I know how to do with javascript, but not actionscript 3). That challenge is your's to face, unless someone else here knows how to do it.
3. the <applet> tag is designed ONLY for Java .jar files and .class files, nothing else (for future reference: HTML5 is replacing the <embed> and <applet> tags along with a few others with the <object> tag, don't be surprised when you see it).

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