Urgent Help Please

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Urgent Help Please

Post by demo_dam2003 on Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:49 am
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Dear All

I have problem with my website
I build website using PHP script after few months the website get hack more than one from the same hacker.

Ever time the hacker replaces the index.php file with his hacked file

After that I renamed the index.php to other name like mypage.php,
And I added some scripts on .htaccess file to make URL mapping from index.php to mypage.php because if any user type index.php automatically it mapped to mypage.php

After some times the hacker get way to delete the .htaccess file from the server and upload his hacked index file again.

Can any one help me how the hacker can access the website and change the index file?

Is there gaps from script for example that let the hacker can access the server or there's a gap on the server that let the hacker access it and how defend my script to get it not possible to hack again if the gaps form the script?

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Re: Urgent Help Please

Post by godofcereal on Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:53 am
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Show us your site. I dont believe you since we have had loads of these stories.
Also to prove your the owner of this site making a header on the main page saying "im like super cereal".
Im off, last year of school and all, I had something longer but char limit fucked that up. So yeah, had a good run here. Thanks for the memories. Thanks to the staff and users.

Best regards, your posting whore,

p.s. Defience, you the man ;)
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