Old Application PW

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Old Application PW

Post by yesca159 on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:14 am
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I was looking for a good tool to recover a pw from an old application. This application works to open custom made lockers. You can install the software although you try to run it it wants a password. This is are software but nobody seems to remember the password, and the one who designed it has left. The company that helped designed the board on the locker is no where out there. Not even google. Anyway, is there a relieable program I can use to figure this out. I have tried Cain and Able but I do not know where the encrypted pw is located. Not even sure if Cain could do this. Also tried simple Sql injections, I am just not very familiar with the whole bruteforcing process anyway. Like I said though it is are software and I would be glad to email it to someone if they are up for a challenge. Thanks in advance.

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