Making a program unclosable

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Making a program unclosable

Post by IncandescentLight on Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:11 am
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Hi there, how do you write a program in such a way that it is dominant and if you click on any other areas other than the program there would be an error sound made and is unclosable? I am writing a password protection program in C++. Thanks. :geek:
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Re: Making a program unclosable

Post by vladiftodi on Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:40 am
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You can't make it completely unclosable
you can make it annoying with no close buttons even on the toolbar, in maybe fulscreenmode unable to get out (use your imagination) I assume it's for windows so see some winAPI tutorial it alsso depends on the language you use...
but trust me your program won't be more effective it will just be annoying for a while...
Can I know why you think it will be more secure if you make it this way?
What exactly do you mean by password protection program?
IF I get it right you are trying to make a program ask for a password before it gives you acces to windows?
something like screensaver passwords?
IF is that what you want for it to be trully effective it must have root priviledges and do a lot more than be "unclosable"
You may have noticed that i haven't answered your question in a way you would want to
Well there isn't a simple answer to make your program "unclosable"
Use your imagination: run it fullscreen, disable alt+tab or win key, not visible in the taskmanager, etc...
But it's going more into the direction of a rootkit...
In other words if you want just to make it make that sound when someone clicks out of it's windows tell us what programming language you are using and what platform you are on (the answer is going to be probably WINAPI)
or if you want to make your program trully unclosable no just some cheap dirty tricks, look into rootkit programming and drivers programming and a lot more...
Trust me it may sound to you that your program is easy to implement but in reality is very hard to implement correctly (read: correctly)
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