How do I test Android Apps iPhone?

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How do I test Android Apps iPhone?

Post by ghostheadx2 on Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:54 pm
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So, I started my app development course and completed the XML portion, which is browser based in terms of testing the beginning UI: ... ers--ud837

Now I've gotten to the point where I'm going to start needing to test the projects I'm making. I know there are Android emulators for Ubuntu, and I'll try that out if I need to. I'm trying to learn to develop apps so I can make a social networking app for autistics (cuz the ones that are out there for autistics like myself are garbage). I am basically trying to learn app development for that purpose.

I am also considering switching to iOS application development. I found this course here, which will let me use Java (I am leaning towards not getting a brand new phone since I have an iPhone already):

I know they can translate the app from Android to iOS: ... guide.html

I found a course in codenameone on either Udacity or Udemy but they are intermediate level courses. If someone knows of a beginner course in codenameone, or a better SDK that uses Java, I'll gladly take that as an answer if I can't solve my initial question. I just want to make the app for either Android OR iPhone and I'll be content, but I want to be able to test my app on my phone or at least my computer, at least the UI for the different exercises or something while I'm learning, but testing it on a phone would be a lot better to me.

So, my other question is this: am I wasting my time learning Android app development since I took two semesters of Java even if I don't have an Android phone? Would it be better to try and find a way to write iPhone apps in Java?

Thanks so much.
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Re: How do I test Android Apps iPhone?

Post by tremor77 on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:17 pm
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You could write both iPhone and Android apps at the same time using Apache Cordova (AKA PhoneGap). USing this SDK will allow you to write both your Android and iOS apps using HTML, CSS & Javascript - basically.. a website.

I personally use it, think it's pretty awesome.. saves a lot of hassle for development. Does introduce some roadblocks for really high-end things like hardware hooks, but there are a lot of plugins and libraries available, and you can compile your code in their cloud engine. Check it out, might be just what you are looking for.
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Re: How do I test Android Apps iPhone?

Post by Neil_Hines on Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:21 am
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Is it really possible we can test Android App on iPhone? :shock:
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