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happy new

Post by mookalovesgloop on Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:43 pm
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so what are they calling it? 2013 according to that gregory guy...

history and science tell us that there have been 3386 years since the reign of king tut (the pharoah aten-ra); 6253 years since the unification of upper and lower egypt; 12,513 years since the completion of the hru-ankhet (sphinx); 25,000 years since the last precession of the equinoxes (which took us into the piscean age); 250,000,000 since the last galactic year (when the milky way galaxy makes a full rotation around its center) and 14 billion years since the big bang! #goingdeeper

either way may this new beginning be filled with peace, love, truth and prosperity for you all! and of course plenty of l33t h4x, lolol!

peace and blessings
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