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Post by barneystinson19 on Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:03 am
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tremor77 wrote:Egypt, Libya.. I'd say those are kind of different cases.. it was the people rising up against their government. Technically Hamas is a terrorist organization... And their goal is to kill all Jews. I mean, Goal 1 - have a free and independant state of Palestine.... but Goal 2 - the less publicized one.. destroy Israel. I think that's just a fight I'd want to stay out of.. Maybe they should focus on Syria.

No, It wasn't people rising up against their government. It wasn't either in Egypt or Libya and It isn't in Syria either. It is the terrorist group Muslim Brothers & Al-Qaeda trying to knock down Esad government in Syria with order of US government. Its the same in Egypt and Libya.
I'm living in Turkey / Hatay and sadly our government is helping these terrorist groups to subservience to US government.
Our government hosting these terrorists in Hatay, they gave them priority in hospitals and all government agencies and opened military camps for training militars against Syria government. Our government is ready to start a war to its neighbor Syria with a one word of US government. Our government don't listen to us. We're making meetings and protests but government send the police to beat us. They're blocking protests with police forces. Media also doesn't instruct people about these events.

This is a video about a protest in Hatay and how police forces beating up people. I was in there too.

I have to say that US government is pure evil. Our government also is. Obama said that he'll end combat missions in Iraq and he did. Then he fucked the rest of the Middle East ... ii8Vy8vWgY

Allah Suriyya Bashar u Bess.
"Ömür dediğin üç gündür, dün geldi geçti yarın meçhuldür…O halde ömür dediğin bir gündür,o da bugündür…."
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