What are your suggestions on this situation?

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What are your suggestions on this situation?

Post by sabin007 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:04 am
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How do you guys do it? I mean the dedication and the passion toward this field. If you ask me, I cannot even focus on one thing which I want to do, let alone the dedication and passion.

From school level to now I have "learned" following "concepts":

Intermediate level:

Bachelor's level:
1st Semester

Second Semester
Data Structures in C

Third Semester
C++ and OS concepts with HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL as side course.

And recently Android App Development and Java.

Despite of so many languages and concepts, I barely know any of them to a extent that I can write a program using it. Moreover,I do not get time to sharpen my skills and master them, because I have to prepare for some silly examination or project which, as they say, is required for earning a degree and later on a good job.
Too many things to learn and almost no time and this is freaking me out. :x
I think I am failing on what I used to aspire of becoming (a pentester).

What do you guys suggest about this situation?

Thank You.
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Re: What are your suggestions on this situation?

Post by -Ninjex- on Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:55 am
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If pentesting is something that you really want to do with your life, there is not really an excuse from saying you don't have enough time. I mean yes, you have other things to do and you also have priorities, but if something is a true passion for you, you will end up making the time one way or another. Now deadlines, that is another story. If you know you have a big project due in a week, sit down and do it, don't postpone it, don't say well, maybe I will do it tomorrow. The knowledge you take in will seem like more than you can comprehend at times, but it will all be very well worth it. Every piece of information you are learning will help you understand how exploits work, instead of just telling you to fire up nmap, acunetix, armitage, etc. It make one a much more efficient pentester.

If you aren't dedicated and don't have the passion for it, find something you do have that for, it will make you feel much better about your life down the road doing something you love.
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