GOPHER server

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GOPHER server

Post by KthProg on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:51 pm
([msg=74118]see GOPHER server[/msg])

I know this is really ridiculous, but I would love to set up a GOPHER server for HTS lol.
Just for the hell of it.
It's essentially the predecessor to the internet but is more suited to the task to representing tree-type file systems, i.e. storing lectures, videos etc.
Maybe just for the entertainment of bringing an old technology back to life, but also because it could genuinely be useful.
It's supported by FF and SeaMonkey via a plug-in.
Also they can be accessed through HTTP gateways (but that would defeat the purpose)
Here's an old example of a site still using the protocol: ... .com:70/1/
and one i believe is accessed through http gateways

Let me know what you think
also, you'll notice these sites load much faster; gopher is much more structured than http and thus takes less time to load.
the plugin results in a slower connection though, so im going to download a gopher client
there are 1984 personal 'gopher spaces' on floodgate lol.

and besides, read this and tell me that gopher isnt run by the coolest set of people on the face of the planet.
^found that on his gopher page
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