Am I Being Hacked?

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Am I Being Hacked?

Post by Havoc_McG on Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:22 pm
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I am new to hts so i don't know much about hacking. I work for a cnc company and one of our machines will start a program by itself and try to pick up tools (thankfully its been empty each time) and run itself for around 10 min or so. the machine is wired to our network, is it possible that someone is hacking the network to make this happen?
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Re: Am I Being Hacked?

Post by orwell84 on Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:28 pm
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If you can, try to take it off the network, but leave it on. If it continues, there are two possibilities:
1) The machine has something wrong with it.
2) It was hacked and the "hacker" programmed it to do this at a certain interval.

I find the second one unlikely, but not impossible. I don't know much about CNC machines, but if you can find out what it's programmed to do, then do so after it's off the network.

by the way, don't name your post something generic like "Am I Being Hacked?" There are way too many of these posts. Name it "Hacked CNC Machine?" or something like that.
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Re: Am I Being Hacked?

Post by CyborgPirateNinja on Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:33 pm
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So you don't have an IDS or IPS?
(Intrusion Detection/Prevention System)

I would set that up on any decent business network I get my hands on.

Edit: Usually you can see something on the logs, And also check for strange processes on the machine.
Or anything basically out of place.
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