Using Cain & Abel on VMWare Fusion 6

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Using Cain & Abel on VMWare Fusion 6

Post by fredybr2010 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:10 pm
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Good afternoon,

I'm using VMWare Fusion 6 as a virtual machine to run Windows 7 parallel with Mac OS-X in my Macbook Pro, with a licensed copy of Windows 7. In the Windows-running virtual machine, I'm using a network analysis tool called Cain & Abel (I'm the owner of a small school, and in my previous Windows computer I used Cain & Abel to monitor my students' network activity; for further information visit However, when I sniff the network and search for the computers connected to it (I've already configured Cain to work with my WiFi network adapter, running it in administrator mode), I cannot see any computer in the network (other than "VmWare corporation"); I'm not able to see the usual "Microsoft Corporation" and "Apple Inc." computers connected to the same network.

Whenever I bring a Windows computer to my school, I'm able to sniff the whole network using Cain and I can see my students' IP connected to the school's LAN. This problem is related to VMWare Fusion configuration on my Mac. Can somebody help me out?
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Re: Using Cain & Abel on VMWare Fusion 6

Post by 0phidian on Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:01 pm
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Seems like an invasion of privacy. Anyway, I dont understand why you would want to do this by sniffing traffic. I don't know how the network is set up, but you should just be able to check the log files if it's your network. Generally most places just block certain sites and if something happens to come up they have the logs.
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