NEED URGENT HELP ! virus/trogen

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Re: NEED URGENT HELP ! virus/trogen

Post by haha01haha01 on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:09 pm
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daedeluslanthanien wrote:Hi Kids, Sounds like you're having fun fun fun. I shall not flame you very much. (This should be in the new-to-the-net area.) Anyhow lets get to the reason I stopped in on this seemingly inocuous lil thread. Last week I was talking to a tech and he had a XP box that got FUBARed registration. Several work-arounds were tried unsuccessfully and the tech formatted. Not a bad idea when a box is nicked that deep. I did not ask about viral scan lists and etc., But yes it is viral indeed.

I can blather on about backing your data up and documenting your key files, ghosting and etc. etc. etc. Honestly if you were that adept, you would not be here. Surfing habits go a long way too, as do proper firewalls and anti-virus. I will admit, I am a cheap bastard, I only use this stuff if I can steal it, properly. Which brings me back to HABITS. This XP box I have has been running for over 4 years without a firewall or anti-virus. So naturally I got paranoid and wanted to purchase something, NOT, lol. I did get paranoid though cause I did go a surfing the happy porno lands! So I put a full suite of McAfee products on here. No viruses, damn. I got a bunch of very annoying pop-ups though. I wanted to see them, I chose to. McAfee went after my tools: Xscan and the like. The moral of this story for you though is that I got paranoid. Why? I was surfing PORN. Surfing off the beaten path can bring you down really quickly; Especially if you do not take any security measures and are surfing XP out of the box.

Everybody loves torrents. Everybody wants something for nothing, is that what you're getting? Over time, no, and ripping people off has many facets and thats not my digg tonight. Computer Security is. Some torrents contain malicious code designed for various purposes: Data mining is a biggie as is building and maintaining Botnets. Most of this bad code is for this purpose and the torrent nets are full of it. You have to be very savvy downloading this stuff my friends. You run the same odds opening all of your emails for viagra.

Linux is great, but it is a OS that needs attention. It loves loving caring BOFHs for the most part, and at times demands it. I would never run a windows server, Unix or Linux is where I think that's at. The truth though is that the basic user is running around the net on XP or Vista and thinks he or she has it made cause they have implemented a Mozilla browser. The Hackers follow all the little sheeple wherever they go just like wolves. Put inept people on Linux and watch the chaos. Offer some help and have them hitting your server for updates, Oboy!

Windows can be reigned in folks. Stop all non essential services, unbind netbios, obfuscate where possible, restrict anonymous logins, shut down ports, in general lower what net gurus call "Surface Area". If you have some time read about this stuff that is available to you and you will not be "The Lamest Poster". netstat -an your XP box and start studying about what these ports are for kiddo.


You just wrote a huge paragraph on watching porn in a topic asking for help on trojans. Now, unless theres some 0-day exploit that i dont know about being abused right now, your computer can't get infected just by going to "happy porno lands", downloading torrents or opening viagra e-mails. Malware generally require you to run an executable file. Do you even know what are you talking about?
There are 11 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, those who don't and those who already heard this joke.
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Re: NEED URGENT HELP ! virus/trogen

Post by macrocat on Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:58 am
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Spectre557 wrote:Ok, first off...
If you want help, then for crying out loud, use at least a little bit of punctuation and grammar, hey, maybe even a bit of formatting. And most importantly, DON'T put "PLEASE HELP ME" at the end. Bloody hell.

Heh, reminds me of those old text files from the "early days of the Internet". Overused ASCII art, bad spelling, grammar, punctuation... A grammar Nazi's worst nightmare :x

Back on topic, I have to agree with everyone else. If your hardware is compatible with Linux, USE IT. Most Linux distros seem to emulate Windows anyway so picking it up should be simple.

I'd recommend Puppy Linux, simply because Puppy is :awesome:. It's the first Linux distro I actually got to work properly.
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Re: NEED URGENT HELP ! virus/trogen

Post by daedeluslanthanien on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:10 am
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Haha, Lol, of course there is 0 day you don't know about, it wouldn't be 0 day! hehe. I knew I would run into somebody having a identity/brain crisis. I sensed the need to start over with that poster. If you have any more complaints just PM me on the site from now on. I find your post off topic, very tacky, and completely unhelpful BTW.

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