Anything on KIP???

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Post by Nostalgiia on Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:15 pm
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actually it was a nerve agent, not nerve gas, and it was "misplaced" and the base went on lock down for 12 hours, no one in or out. I don't know whether or not you're familiar with the Dugson Military base, but it's main purpose is to experiment with protecting troops against biological warfare. If it were not a protective nerve agent that went missing, it would be unrelated, but it was mentioned, previous to the "misplacement" that kip was in UT and was infected with something (he was hinting at TTX, STX, and PTX) that was in something he ate. (Kip bio technologies specializes in experimental solutes and phytosterols in food) I just happen to find it extremely coincidental. Not only that, but then Dugson went on lock down again (i'm not sure for how long), just a day or so after kip posted a video that included a paper airplane with a trail of white powder behind it, because of Unidentified (or so they say) aircrafts dropping a burning white powder over the base. Hmmmm.... Some things are adding up... That's all I'm saying.
Could it be coincidence? Absolutely. But what makes me ponder this conspiracy is this:
Things add up all too well, making this completely plausible.
Agree you not :?:

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