Discussion on Paper by P L Montgomery

The fear of every surveillance society: citizens protecting their own privacy with strong cryptography

Discussion on Paper by P L Montgomery

Post by hidden_test on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:16 am
([msg=51785]see Discussion on Paper by P L Montgomery[/msg])

This is the paper "Five six and seven-term Karatsuba Like Formulae.pdf" by P L Montgomery

Has anybody read or is reading this paper? I would like to discuss some aspects of it. For starters, I need to know what has been done in Sec. 2.3 on page 3, specifically the line that says

(Xa0(X) + a1(X))*(Xb0(X) + b1(X))

What does this mean and how does it come?

If anybody has any idea about this method let's discuss about this. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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