Need information about some files

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Need information about some files

Post by blake_zord on Wed May 26, 2010 7:47 pm
([msg=39123]see Need information about some files[/msg])

There is a game that a play that recently updated some files and i keept them to compare the hash numbers.Now for the files:I'm thinking that 'anti-nodelay.ini' contains some type of hash code of the file: 'anti-nodelay.grf'.In the rar contains two types of them and cenrtainly they were created with the same hash algorithm.

I'm trying to create a fake of that 'anti-nodelay.grf', so knowing what kind of thing they did, it will help a lot.

I dont know if te DLL of the guard checks that files and do some algorithm to transform that 'anti-nodelay.ini' in other thing and then it checks it.
If it is like that I think there is no way to create a fake md5 for that file.

btw I didnt post the guard if you guys want them to check it too ask for me so I will post.

Thanks in advanced
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