Unknown encryption

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Unknown encryption

Post by gloomers on Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:02 am
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I hope i hit the right forum, sorry if i didn't (-;

Anyways, i am looking for help on finding out password encryption algorythm.
I am playing with one closed system and i feel that password sub-system is quite weak.

The tests show that:
a) encrypted passwords can be decrypted, so this is not one-way hash like md5/sh1/etc;
b) it has some sort of random number inside that makes different encrypted sctrings for the same password each time you generate it;
c) all password letters can be split by pairs;
d) there is lenght(string)+1 pair in the encrypted string..
e) .. which leads us to think that one of pairs might be that random number, which then helps to decode all leters;

Some generated passwords:

a => qmrq
aa => kjhfhi
aaaa => jjifiiihik
aaaaa => kdhhhkhjhmhl

aaaaaa => ihjdjgjfjijhjk
aaaaaa => rqqmqlqoqnqqqp
aaaaaa => sqpmplpopnpqpp
aaaaaa => jmiqipisirfefd
aaaaaa => egfkfjfmflfofn

aaaaaaaa => jnirfefdfgfffifhfk
aaaaaaaaa => jdihikijimilioiniqip

I am not very good at cryptography or programming, so if you got skillz - feel free to test them (-; Thanks in advance!
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Re: Unknown encryption

Post by bartuuin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:41 pm
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This uses a substitution cipher.What basically substituites any given letter number or symbol for the specified character or characters in this case.
The soultion is easier that you think but ultimately the answer is simple is a coustem algorithim.However I am going to let you figure out why and why the encryption does not have a name.
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