Multilib Slackware for x86_64

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Multilib Slackware for x86_64

Post by Sl4ck3r90 on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:57 pm
([msg=72272]see Multilib Slackware for x86_64[/msg])

I searched this forum looking for something about the topic but couldn't find it. So, I am opening it myself.

I use Slackware and when I downloaded the new 14.0 version I did for my new computer, an 64 AMD. I installed and configured it and, when I tried to run Adobe Acrobat Reader, it did not work. I researched in web and found that I needed to create a multilib in order to run 32 bits on my Slackware 64.

This is a fine article by Alien Bob on how do it properly. I hope you enjoy. ;)

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