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Re: How easy is the change over to -nix

Post by thedotmaster on Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:01 am
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fly3rbug wrote:
thedotmaster wrote:Very simply the server edition is for servers :P
It's probably command line - not sure, but most likely.
Get the desktop version - you can still set up a server on a desktop OS.

Installing PHP and MYSQL on a desktop version isn't that difficalt.

How to on "how to install apache php and mysql": ... hardyheron

It's really easy when you get used to it. My point is though that the server edition is for SERVERS ie, if you only want to serve up websites on your server then use the server edition. If you want to use your computer normally (but perhaps also set up a server) then install the desktop edition, and then if you want install apache or another piece of server software of your choice, that's fine.

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