Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions

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Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions

Post by T3rminus on Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:18 pm
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Hello everyone this is my first posting for a long long time. I am here to do a couple of things actually. To help with questions about Batch and DOS. I know that a lot of people are interested in it so I thought I would offer my help. I hope to be able to show some new tricks that may not have been thought of yet.
I will be posting some of my finished scripts here for any user to see. But others I will not because I plan on selling the scripts. I do understand that I will need to build some trust with the users here, but I dont think that will take very long I hope.
I am trying to restart a business that I was working on a long time ago. So some of the scripts that I make I will be trying to sell, but only if they generate enough interest. In order to showcase some of my work I will be post a script here today that is a new Command Prompt that I created over the last 3 or 4 days. I hope that you enjoy it.
I know that this will sound weird but I request that all those interested in all of this be 18 or over. Obviously you dont have to listen to that request, but I hope that you can respect it. I will most likely not respone to you if you are not 18 or older. I encourage learning from all people, and I hope that everyone will be able to learn. I will not answer any questions about why. Lets just stick to scripting shall we...
Well here we are at the end of all this I will now be posting my newly finished script. I hope you enjoy.
Code: Select all
@Echo Off
Title LBP-Command Prompt
Set A="C:\>"
Cd /D C:\
Echo LunchBox Productions LBP-C 2009 [Version 1.0.1]
Set /p CMD=%A%
If Exist "%CMD%" (Cd /D "%CMD%"& Set A="C:\%CMD%>"& GOTO REG) ELSE (GOTO ELSE)
If /i %CMD% == ipc (ipconfig& GOTO REG)
If /i %CMD% == disclaimer (GOTO disclaimer)
If /i %CMD% == ipconfig (ipconfig& GOTO REG)
If /i %CMD% == adscan (GOTO HCHK)
If /i %CMD% == kt (GOTO st)
If /i %CMD% == feats (GOTO feats)
If /i %CMD% == errs (GOTO errs)
If /i %CMD% == kildir (GOTO DIRK)
If /i %CMD% == lockd (GOTO lockd)
If /i %CMD% == help (GOTO HELP)
If /i %CMD% == cls (GOTO CLS)
If /i %CMD% == dir (dir& GOTO REG)
If /i %CMD% == exit (Exit)
If /i %CMD% == ver (ver&Echo LunchBox Productions LBP-C 2009 [Version 1.0.1]& Echo.& GOTO REG) ELSE (GOTO ERR)

Echo '%CMD%' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

REM ______________LBP+Input_________________
Echo Please hit the enter key.
Echo If a new cmd screen pops up then the default Administrator account has no password.
Echo If not then it has a password.
Runas /user:Administrator C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe >nul

Echo Are you sure you want the directory to be corrupted?
Echo By typing Y or y you are agreeing to corrupt files or folders inside the current directory.
Echo Please be sure.
Set /p DIRL=(Y/N)-
If /i %DIRL% == y (GOTO KILD)

REN *.exe *.COR >nul
REN *.jpg *.COR >nul
REN *.mp3 *.COR >nul
REN *.zip *.COR >nul
REN *.txt *.COR >nul
REN *.avi *.COR >nul
REN *.doc *.COR >nul

Echo Corruption Complete!

Set /p lockx="Enter the full path to the directory>"
Set /p lockd="Enter Username>
Set /p qw=Are you sure you want to do this?>Y/N>
If /i %qw% == y (GOTO xlockx) Else (GOTO REG)
cacls "%lockx%" /G "%lockd%:F >nul
Echo The directory or file "%lockx%" is now only accessable to "%lockd%".
Echo You must now contact "%lockd%" in order to access "%lockx%".

Echo 1.)The first new feature is directory changing. There is no longer
Echo a command needed for this process. With LBP-C you can simply
Echo enter your desired directory and LBP-C will change to it automatically.
Echo 2.)The second feature is the simple and easy help screen and command
Echo system. Because LBP-C uses both old CMD commands and new LBP-C
Echo commands, we have created an easy to understand designation tags.
Echo Clearly marked [New] and [Old] commands make understanding the shell
Echo much easier.

Echo 1.)When typing in a directory the flashing prompt will display only the
Echo last word in the path you typed. But don’t worry the directory will
Echo change. Simply type "dir" if you would like to make sure.
Echo Please e-mail me at to report any new errors.
Echo Thank You!

Set /p kt=Please enter the task name:
taskkill /F /IM "%kt%" >nul
If %errorlevel% == 0 (Echo Task killed!)
If %errorlevel% == 1 (Echo Error! Task is not running or does not exist!)

REM ________________END_______________________

Echo '%DIRL%' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Echo LunchBox Productions is not responsible for any damage done to your computer.
Echo LunchBox Productions is also not responsible for your use of this program.
Echo LunchBox Productions will not be responsible for your misuse of this program.
Echo Please e-mail any and all question to

Echo   Displays help information about existing commands inside LBP-C [Version 1.0.1]
Echo adscan   [New]-Checks for an Administrator account that has no password. Works on most Windows OS versions.
Echo cls   [Old]-Clears screen of past commands.
Echo dir   [Old]-Shows existing files and folders inside a given directory.
Echo disclaimer   [New]-Displays the LunchBox Productions Disclaimer for this program.
Echo exit   [Old]-Exits the program.
Echo errs   [New]-Displays all know errors for your current LBP-C version. [1.0.1]
Echo feats   [New]-Displays new features for your current LBP-C version. [1.0.1]
Echo ipconfig   [Old]-Will display the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway for each adapter bound to TCP/IP by default.
Echo ipc   [New]-Same as ipconfig.
Echo kildir   [New]-Corrupts files inside the given directory.
Echo kt    [New]-Kills a specific task that is currently running.
Echo lockd   [New]-Blocks all access, from all users, to a file or folder except for one user.
Echo ver   [Old/New]-Displays your current Windows version as well as your current Port-0-CMD version.

I am calling this script LBP-C.bat, or LunchBox Productions Command. You can call it what ever you want of course.

All you need to do now is just copy that and paste it in a notepad and save it as a.bat exstention.
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Re: Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions

Post by thedotmaster on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:11 am
([msg=27103]see Re: Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions[/msg])

I'd be pretty surprised if you were using DOS actually.
See this:

Also, good luck selling batch scripts. You'll need it.
If I were you I'd get yourself a copy of Linux and learn bash scripting. That's far more powerful and used tons more.
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Re: Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions

Post by IncandescentLight on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:33 am
([msg=27108]see Re: Batch Scripting from LunchBox Productions[/msg])

Heck, even if you offer scripts for free, it would be hard to get people interested in it. Let me talk to you about this from the business form or perspective.

Firstly, not many computer users do scripting, commands or even know what command prompt is. So your market is then limited to the amount of people who do so, and think of who would buy it? For the limited amount of people who know this, they surely have been exposed to freeware. Even though they might not be better than yours, they are free and save the hassle of buying it.

However, you should take the path towards programming programs. Something with a Graphical User Interface and is user-friendly. That would make a much better sell-out and would appeal to a wider market range. :D
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