WPA2 Cracking, Dictionary + Brute Force?

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WPA2 Cracking, Dictionary + Brute Force?

Post by limdis on Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:58 pm
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Could someone shine some light on this for me?

I was reading about wireless encryption and vulnerabilities. Say for example I have a home wireless network set up with WPA2 encryption and my password is 1Nibbets!!** Now from what I have read, a common way for someone to break it is to use a dictionary attack like aircrack-ng after sending deauthentication packets and listening/saving ARP requests.

My question;
So if the attacker has “Nibblets” in his wordlist but not “1Nibbets!!**” it should fail. Is it possible because the traffic has been saved to a .cap that they could see that “Nibblets” was part of the password and then plug that in for a specific brute force attack to get the numbers and special characters? If I’m totally off on any of this please correct me.

Thank you :)

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BAM answered my own question over a year later!
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