App6, help with block comparison please

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App6, help with block comparison please

Post by meschael on Sat May 02, 2009 10:19 pm
([msg=23060]see App6, help with block comparison please[/msg])

[EDIT] OK I just figured it out, dang thing was staring me in the face, I knew it i knew it, but could it be that simple. Gosh that NL char killed me[/EDIT]

Hi there, Its time for me to ask for some help on level 6 app. I hope I don't spoil anything in this question, ill try to keep things very general. This one I must say is very clever, I have managed to view the written code segment with the password get/check routines. I am really stuck where the first set of 4 bytes get compared. I can see the stack and what i'm sure at least some relation to the pass. But some reason, it is only the last byte of my input getting compared, not a group of 4.

Am I close at all? my stack structure , moving to lower memory has a single byte followed by a memory address for a string, followed by the *mystery* bytes, some space and the string. Does this sound right?

Now I will definitely need some monster(tm) for my work day tomorrow to keep me alive. Yay!
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